5+ Shifts in Energy That Made COVID 19 Go From Anxiety Ridden to Joyful and Even Fun for me

With so much opining on COVID 19,  I created my own short list of what is making all the difference for me and keeping a calm, rested state of mind. And in fact, enjoying much of this time.

Time Away. 
I felt that first step for me was to ground, find some inner stillness.  Basically, to use the unusual circumstance to give “the gift of time” (as Oprah might say) back to myself.  To find my center and anchor in.   So so nourishing.

Off the Social Feeds and News
For a while it was all about scanning the headlines, facebook etc and understanding what was happening. Was working myself up into a bit of frenzied mind set.   Now that we know for certain that this will hit us and to prioritize social distancing and isolation precautions to fight the spread for those vulnerable,.. it was time to disconnect.    Just take time away to work on other projects and fun (below).  The laundry list of to do’s and even my taxes.  Just taking that space alone has really opened my energy.  And a ton of the goodness is flowing in now.

A New Routine
Being at home has forced me to find a new routine.  For me, I created a new routine of:
Early AM: reading, journaling, meditation and home yoga;
Late AM: then work, writing and a business call or 2;
Early PM: Lunch, A Hike in Nature and Nap
Late PM: then clearing out email, regrouping with my wife on how the day went
Later PM:  Dinner in;  then a new online course on anthropology,  new book and off to bed.

Sick Day, Fun Day
Do you remember the sick day(s) you took from school (or work)?  They could be kind of fun.  Right?  You’d find a puzzle or board game to play.  Maybe catch up on some overdue reading.   Make some yummy soup and it really was a joy.  So take your sick day or many days and find some fun in our sequestration.  It’s a fun little adventure if you let it be.

Connection Opportunity
I’ve heard so many stories of friends getting to spend a lot of quality time with spouse, kids, their aging mother and even small group of friends.   If we can make this about quality time … and use this rare opportunity to slow down and take  the time to cultivate more depth of connection… we can find some real gems amidst the temporary change in life style of late.

Let us take Action beyond our own needs
And finally I’d say… ACT.  Help your neighbors, create a virtual video call with colleagues, friends, family … support where there is help needed.  So many elderly are home alone, scared and slowly dying from lack of nutrition ( so many stories of folks afraid to get groceries) and the disease called loneliness caused by lack of human connection.     Reach out.  It will also make you feel a lot better. more empowered.  At least it did me.