In this compelling article, Dr. Elisha Goldstein shares with us a step-by-step exercise on how to curate our social circle and surround ourselves with people who inspire us to live our best lives. This exercise allows us to determine which relationships are regenerative and which are challenging. It also helps us understand the kind of impact they have on us. 

Curating our connections is a critical part of how we spend our very limited free time. And it’s even more important to our overall health and wellness that research now shows we can’t ignore. 

Below is an excerpt of his original article:

“You may have friendships or relationships that feel comfortable because they are familiar, but closeness doesn’t always equate with people are inspiring positive growth in you. The motivational speaker Jim John is famous for saying, ‘you are the average of the 5 people you spend most your time with.’ It’s important to consider the impact of the people closest to you, as it turns out – they have a big impact on your well-being.

For many of us, there’s a real lack of positive and inspiring social cues around us, and a lack of connection and support to make healthy or positive changes.

In the distant past, people came together as a tribe, clan or community to survive, forage for food, and stay safe. In modern days we don’t need a tribe to ensure our basic survival, and so we live separate lives. Because we don’t rely on people in the same way, this creates a serious lack of positive social cues around us.

What are positive social cues? It is people that automatically inspire the energy and motivation in you to engage the positive behaviors or practices that equate to your best life. Also, when we share good experiences and positive emotions, we get an extra well-being boost – and we could always use that.

The bottom line is there’s a real science behind social, emotional and behavioral contagion and when it comes to living our best lives – our social environments really matter. So I want to show you an exercise to take stock, and then explore how to curate your social circle to give you an advantage in living the life you want to live.  ”

Read on to see what Dr. Elisha recommends doing to start curating your social circle now.