Last night, my wife and I hosted our neighborhood “Emergency Planning” and “Map Your Neighborhood” meeting for a small group of neighbors nearby.

A simple act of gathering neighbors around a common need was for me a reminder of what is most important in the ubiquitous need of being more connected:

Do the easy and simple things for those closest to you.

So many of us (myself included) dream of the utopian collective community where we all live on one big piece of land and lovingly live in community (roll the footage of sun setting over a group of people arm in arm radiating love and connection.) Yet, this yearning can be realized right in our own backyard.


Here in our little town, we have organized seasonal potlucks and small Sunday suppers that created nice little impromptu meetings and conversations. All to say, reach out to a few neighbors.  Walk the neighborhood and say “Hi!” to people. Create your own little intentional community.

We have taken a step further and created a simple community site using Mighty Networks to connect, share local news and address concerns (such as banning pesticides from local vineyards).

Piece of advice: you need to be intentional about not coming home and automatically turning on the TV. This means making a small effort to get off the house, go to the local coffee shop, go for a walk around the neighborhood, etc. You’d be amazed at how many people you will meet if you just set the example.

Intentional community starts with intention.  You can do it!