Technology is an open societal debate on what is “good” and what is “bad” for us as humans. But what continues to stand out is how the use of our phones inversely correlates to our feeling of connection with others. It makes us feel more lonely than ever.

The belief of being heard creates false connections through our devices; as a result, social isolation drastically accelerates, especially with young adults.

According to Sherry Turkle, our devices “are so psychologically powerful that they don’t only change what we do; they change who we are.”

Those devices create in us the inability to be with ourselves, affecting our capacity for self-reflection. Yet it is this very fundamental connection with Self that allows meaningful relationships with others.

If we can prioritize authentic connections and allow ourselves to be vulnerable, we are putting in jeopardy our social, emotional and physical well-being. We need to learn how to create an environment *free of technology* where we can cultivate our capacity to be in solitude in order to develop authentic relationships with others.

I think you’ll enjoy Sherry’s Ted Talk.