Like all humans, I wondered why I am so effected by the energy of other human beings. Now I know. After reading the Mindvalley article… I found our brain equates social pain to the equivalent as physical pain.  And so our relational skills, self-awareness and relational awareness feels ever so more important to the journey of a healthy, happy life.

My Favorite Excerpt:

“The longest-running study in the world, the Harvard Study of Adult Development, has shown over the span of 80 years that a strong sense of community is the most significant factor in living a longer, happier life. And Dr. Matthew Lieberman of UCLA showed that social pain is interpreted by the brain the same as physical pain. Our bodies react in the same way.

So why is a strong sense of human connection, something so natural and vital, so difficult for us to create? Why do so many of us feel so lonely?” For starters, some of us are confused about what connection actually means. True connection isn’t what happens when your Bluetooth earbuds recognize your computer.”

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